In States Around the U.S., Cannabis Sales Are Booming: Week in Review


<![CDATA[With 2020 sales reports in the books and a clear-eyed look at early 2021 retail trends, all signs point to a booming cannabis economy. It’s come up in conversation frequently over the past year, but the “essential” tag that most states bestowed upon the legal cannabis business has been a real boon throughout the pandemic. Whatever momentum was built up in 2020 seems to be carrying over into 2021—with no signs of slowing down.As more states come online and as legal cannabis picks up traction as a normalized segment of the American business sector, consumer interest seems to rise steadily. States like Maryland and Arkansas (in the medical market) and Illinois (with a booming adult-use market) issued updates this week that provide some serious revenue numbers.In Illinois, in fact, as Assistant Editor Andriana Ruscitto reports, "dispensaries and wholesalers had to adjust daily operations to effectively manage the influx of sales.”Not a bad problem to have.We’ve rounded up some of the key cannabis headlines from the week right here.Cannabis banking reform deposited another decisive victory in the U.S. House on Monday evening, when the lower chamber passed the SAFE Banking Act yet again. Read more During a 31-day reporting period that ended on April 11, the average daily medical cannabis sales in Arkansas approached nearly $900,000. Read more On a similar note, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission released a retail sales data report, which shows that medical cannabis dispensaries in Maryland recorded $48.1 million in cannabis sales in March. Read more Illinois’ monthly adult-use cannabis sales surpassed an astounding $100 million for the first time in March. Read more The Federal Cannabis Regulations Working Group released its Principles for FederalCannabis Regulations and Reform, outlining what a federal regulatory framework—grounded in justice and social equity—should look like. The working group was convened by the Drug PolicyAlliance at the beginning of this year.…

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