How To Grow Cannabis Using The Moon Cycle


While modern cannabis-growing techniques are becoming increasingly high-tech, many cultivators still rely on ancient wisdom to ensure the success of their plants. Growing cannabis in accordance with the moon, for instance, can increase both the health and yield of a crop, and while it might sound like hocus-pocus, the reality is that gardeners have been growing plants using the lunar cycle for thousands of years. Related Post Moon Rocks – What Are They And What’s The Best Way To Smoke Them? How Does The Moon Affect Cannabis? The concept of using the moon to grow cannabis belongs to a school of thought known as biodynamics, which is based upon an alignment with nature’s rhythms in order to support agriculture. When applied correctly, biodynamics can reduce or even eliminate the need for fertilisers, pesticides and greenhouses, as it increases the speed at which plants grow while also boosting their resistance to pests and pathogens. Like all plants, cannabis relies on water and nutrients from the soil, and the movement of these key ingredients is heavily influenced by the moon. Just as ocean tides oscillate in accordance with lunar cycles, so too does the ability of plants to utilise vital soil components. Understanding The Lunar Cycle The moon takes roughly 28 days to orbit the Earth, and the strength of its gravitational pull varies drastically as it passes through its different phases. At new moon, for instance, our rocky satellite sits in between the Earth and the sun, which means we can’t see it as only its far side is illuminated. However, because the Earth, moon and sun are all aligned at this point, the lunar gravitational pull is particularly strong. From here on, the moon begins to wax as it moves out of the sun’s path, becoming bigger in the sky…

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