Hefty bond for man who shot at police and is linked to $26.4 million in weed

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A 33-year-old man faces a raft of felony charges after allegedly firing two shots at police who had been monitoring a suspected drug warehouse, from which they later seized US$22 million ($26.4 million) in substances. Nicholas Valentino’s bond has been set for US$5 million ($6 million), all in cash, following a high-speed pursuit and violent takedown on May 27. The accused must also “prove that any funds used to post bond was not gotten from illegal means, should he make bond,” notes a statement from the County of DuPage . It is alleged that officers with the DuPage County Metropolitan Enforcement Group were conducting surveillance at a warehouse suspected in drug activity. While doing so, they saw a van and a Volkswagen, reportedly driven by Valentino, leave the warehouse. Investors in ‘cattle’ and cannabis were supporting $787M ponzi scheme Drug trafficker sentenced to 25 years in prison for large-scale distribution conspiracy that made him almost US$1M Two fraudsters convicted after duping U.S. financial institutions into processing US$150 million in cannabis purchases The agents initially continued their surveillance on the vehicles into the Chicago, but later terminated the monitoring after the two vehicles went in separate directions after reaching Route 83. Upon later seeing the same van again, the surveillance was restarted. An attempt to stop the van proved fruitless, prompting the officers to continue pursuing the vehicle. The van came to a sudden stop on a residential street and an individual was seen on the street pointing a gun at the officers, before the man, later identified as Valentino, fired two shots at the agents’ car. There were no injuries. It is alleged the suspect then got into the Volkswagen, which had earlier been involved in a collision with one marked and one unmarked squad cars, and both the car…

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Source : Hefty bond for man who shot at police and is linked to .4 million in weed

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