Hawaii Legislature Seeks Marijuana Exemption From DEA While Senate Requests Legal Psilocybin Plan

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The Hawaii legislature has adopted a resolution that asks the state to seek an exemption from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stipulating that it is permitted to run its medical cannabis program without federal interference. While the House approved an identical measure last month, it only applied to that chamber. This separate concurrent version cleared the House first before being adopted in final form by the Senate last week. Meanwhile, the Senate recently approved two resolutions calling on state officials to study the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms and create a plan that would provide legal and equitable access to the fungi for adult patients. The cannabis-focused measure asks the state Health Department to seek an “exception to regulations” from DEA and to petition for a rulemaking process that would clarify that state-level legalization is not in violation of federal drug laws. The resolution states that “federal law expressly prohibits the use of marijuana, despite the evidence of the benefits of using medical cannabis” and “this lack of uniformity between state and federal marijuana laws has repercussions for medical cannabis patients and the State’s medical cannabis dispensaries.” Further, “obtaining an exception from the federal Controlled Substances Act for the state-authorized use of medical cannabis would benefit the State’s residents who use medical cannabis and the State’s medical cannabis dispensaries.” Last year, DEA rejected a petition to exempt Iowa from enforcement actions related to its medical cannabis program that was filed by an activist, but state officials are considering submitting an official request of their own. Advocate Carl Olsen filed a lawsuit against the governor earlier this month, arguing that the state has unnecessarily delayed submitting that request as prescribed under legislation that passed last year. In Hawaii, the separate psychedelics measures that unanimously cleared the Senate, which call for a working…

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Source : Hawaii Legislature Seeks Marijuana Exemption From DEA While Senate Requests Legal Psilocybin Plan

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