Growing Together: Strawberry Cheesecake Strain Review


Strawberry Cheesecake auto is a best seller on Seedsman. Here’s a look into its growth, harvest and smoke… Genetics Seedsman’s Strawberry Cheesecake Auto results from a cross of Strawberry Banana Auto and Cheese Auto. The grow site I grew these seeds in my indoor grow tent. Inside the tent, I use Mars Hydro SP 250 LED lights, the 230 W UV & IR Full Spectrum Indoor LEG Grow System. The grow To grow these 3 Strawberry Cheesecake Auto seeds, I began germinating directly into the soil. I started with 1-gallon rapid stack pots (they have a removable bottom which means you can stack them on top of other ports without disturbing the roots). These were then stacked into 3-gallon fabric pots.  All three plants were fed with a nutrient supercharge kit from Remo, with Growtek silica.  The light cycle was 20 hours on and four off. I added some light defoliation every other day to unclutter the plant as it grew, allowing for proper air circulation and proper bud site exposure.  Seed one took nine weeks from seed to harvest, and the other 2 took a total of 10 weeks. Typical for an autoflower.  Plant description All three Strawberry Cheesecake Auto plants reached about 2 feet with a 1.5-foot spread. Beautiful dark leaves covered in really contrasting bright trichomes, with one phenotype showing a light purple hue. The flowers were all cola shaped and clustered quite tightly together, so it looked like one bug bud! Strawberry Cheesecake is a really leafy plant; they’re small-ish in size but grow abundantly throughout the colas. I noticed the incredible trichome production. So sticky, especially when you consider they’re just a 9/10 week grow! Under the microscope, the trichomes are short stocked with large heads – making this an ideal plan for extracts like…

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