Greatest (cannabis bust) of all time? Guyanese police find weed in Goat Dam

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A four-day stakeout ended when officers with Guyana’s Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) were able to seize 80 kilograms of cannabis estimated to be worth 10 million Guyana dollars ($58,000). During surveillance this week in the Goat Dam area of Line Path, Corentyne, officers were keeping an eye out for traffickers suspected of transporting several bags of narcotics, notes a Facebook post from CANU . Weed can be a barrel of fun, unless you get caught with it in Guyana Police seize 1,500 plants and a ‘lethal spear’ during cannabis raids Border patrol agents follow footprints along Rio Grande and discover nearly 200 pounds of cannabis Line Path is divided and has boundaries on the foreshore, Corentyne River and back dam. Swamps of the coastal plain are prevented from intruding into croplands by a series of back-dams . After about two hours of monitoring, the officers noticed three people emerging from the nearby cane field and walking toward them. Identifying themselves and shouting at the suspects to stand still, the three opted to flee back into the field. “The officers did not pursue the individuals due to a canal separating the dam from the cane field,” CANU reports. Instead, they began searching the area and soon noticed 10 bulky parcels wrapped in transparent plastic. On closer examination, it appeared the packages contained weed. The drugs were seized and taken for processing. Police believe the parcels were to be transported to Suriname for resale. In May, the Guyana Times reports a plane crash-landed near the Corentyne River and 450 kilograms of cocaine was found onboard. CANU reported at the time that it appeared the aircraft was also heading to Suriname. As for cannabis, a routine stop-and-search exercise at a police checkpoint in Guyana revealed a cooler containing 11 frozen chickens stuffed…

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Source : Greatest (cannabis bust) of all time? Guyanese police find weed in Goat Dam

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