For $300, you can smell like ‘luxury’ cannabis

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Not everyone dislikes the smell of cannabis. In fact, one U.S. company is betting that some people love it. Like, really love it. To the point that they’d drop US$250 ($300) for a skunky spritz. Smelling like weed has never been hotter Will Americans tolerate weed smell as legalization progresses? Does CBD use result in less alcohol consumption? The Herbalist is a new scent from Heretic Parfum, produced in partnership with cannabis brand Drew Martin. It’s been dubbed the first “THC-infused luxury fragrance.” “As you immerse yourself in this expertly layered and completely natural scent, our hope is that you experience a profound and exquisite connection with the ancient practice of harnessing the goodness of plants, which for us, is at the heart of everything we do,” Douglas Little, founder of Heretic Parfum, told The Hollywood Reporter . According to an Instagram post from Drew Martin , the fragrance is inspired by the Jack Herer cultivar and its lemon, citrus and pine notes. It also contains yuzu, frankincense, lavender and hinoki wood. Martin and Little apparently hit it off shortly after meeting for the first time. “We immediately bonded over a shared belief that plants are magic,” according to Martin. “We got to work creating a ‘functional fragrance’ that didn’t just mimic cannabis, but expressed its truest qualities.” The Herbalist is available at select locations in Los Angeles and online, though a wait list has reportedly already developed. Other companies have attempted to bottle the familiar notes of cannabis. Demeter has sold its Cannabis Flower fragrance since 2006 and if unconventional scents are your thing, they also offer perfumes inspired by Beetroot, Glue and Condensed Milk.

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