Everything you need to know about the Dipstick Vapes Dipper


The Dipstick Vapes’ Dipper is a handheld dab device used to vaporize concentrates. The first of its kind, this portable dab pen has dual functions, and both produce thick clouds. It looks and handles like other handheld vape pens, and gets the job done as good or better than a more traditional rig and torch setup.  The Dipper uses an internal, rechargeable battery and the choice of two different atomizers, one of which lets you dab straight from the concentrate container. The other atomizer can be used to pre-load concentrate.  Below, find out everything you need to know about the innovative Dipper.  How does it work? The Dipper is as easy to use as it is to hit. One main button controls the operations, which work the same with either atomizer included in the setup. Press the button five times to turn it on or off — the light will blink through the colors as visual confirmation. Press and hold the main button to activate the heating cycle — which lasts up to 15 seconds before automatic cool down — indicated by the light shutting off. There is an auto shut-off after two minutes of inactivity for safety and to save battery. Note: it is not safe to use the device while charging.  What’s included: Charging cordDipper deviceCleaning swabsLoading toolTwo vapor dip tip atomizersQuartz crystal atomizer Replacement bands  Temperature settings  There are three temperature settings to choose from: blue (low), green (medium), and red (high), ranging from 450°F (green) to 600°F (red).  Press the main button three times to change between the temperature settings, and the selected color will flash. How to use the atomizer dip tip The Dipper package includes two atomizer tips, one of which will already come connected to the device. This is the tip that allows you…

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