Everything You Need to Know About Flavonoids in Cannabis


Flavonoids in cannabis have potentially huge benefits for our wellness. Flavonoids in cannabis, and other plants, are biologically active compounds that may help contribute to good health. Specifically, studies show these may help with the maintenance of heart health, possess potential anti-cancer benefits, and enhance metabolic regulation. People typically get their daily intake of flavonoids from fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are also found in plant-derived foods and in beverages, such as tea and wine. And it’s a good thing too because according to the some estimates, 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide are associated with fruit and vegetable intake of less than 800g/day! Cannabis, however, is another great source. Unfortunately, there is no data yet on how much the flavonoids in cannabis would supplement a diet low in fruits and vegetables. Significantly, there are variations in the chemical structure of flavonoids that has led to a broad categorization into 6 groups: flavonols, flavan-3-ols, flavonones, anthocyanins, and isoflavones. Each group has a different metabolic effect and unique bioactivity. What do Flavonoids do? As powerful antioxidant agents, flavonoids act to correct the damage that everyday stress and toxins place on our bodies. In addition, these play a role in regulating cellular activity and clearing out free radicals that can cause damage to proteins and DNA. How do Bioflavonoids Help the Body? Bioflavonoids is just another name for flavonoids – these words mean the same thing. There are several different areas of research that are investigating how flavonoids help the body: Cardiovascular Health and Flavonoids Results of a study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews (2015) [1] suggests that flavonoids may help with controlling high blood pressure. Interestingly, flavanones and flavanols accomplished this by restoring cells in the endothelium (the lining of blood vessels). In doing so, these were better able to control vascular relaxation, blood…

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