Does culture influence how often countries use behavioural strategies to combat cannabis consumption?

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More needs to be learned about what drives behavioural strategies used by different cultures to combat cannabis consumption, intoxication and related harms to enhance the protection of those who use the drug, a U.S. study suggests. Researchers at the University of New Mexico explored the cannabis protective behavioural strategies (PBS) used by five different countries — namely the U.S., Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and the Netherlands — by seeking input from 1,175 colleges students from those jurisdictions who reported past-month weed use. Of the five countries considered, recreational cannabis has been legalized in Uruguay and about a third of the states in the U.S ., as well as been decriminalized for personal use in specific locations in the Netherlands , Spain and Argentina, with the last also permitting growing medical weed at home . What do we talk about when we talk about cannabis? Using weed at a younger age could mean faster development of substance use disorders Policies around second-hand smoke should look beyond tobacco to cannabis to combat youth exposure at home In essence, cannabis PBS are behaviours used before, during, after, and/or instead of cannabis use to reduce consumption, intoxication and related harms, explains the study published online in pre-proof on Apr. 28. Cannabis PBS has “been identified to play an important role for harm reduction in adolescent and young adult users,” according to a Swiss study published last month. Investigators in the current study conducted an examination of cannabis PBS use among college students. Better understanding cannabis PBS across cultures will allow the approach to be leveraged “to address the global health burden of cannabis use, especially in light of the changes in cannabis-related policies around the world.” Specifically, the U.S. and Spain samples reported the most frequent use of cannabis PBS and the Netherlands sample reported…

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Source : Does culture influence how often countries use behavioural strategies to combat cannabis consumption?

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