Citizens rescue ‘stoned’, half-blind hedgehog that young adults dumped into river

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has launched an investigation after witnesses reported seeing a group of young males, possibly teenagers, blow what looked to be cannabis smoke into a bag containing a hedgehog and then dumping the animal into a river. The incident occurred on the evening of Apr. 10 in Market Harbourgh in Leicestershire, U.K. not far from Memorial Park, according to Harbourgh FM . Witnesses managed to fish out the struggling hedgehog from the water and keep it safe overnight until the animal could be picked up by the RSPCA and taken to Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital. “We are extremely grateful to the members of the public for saving this poor hedgehog’s life and for keeping her safe overnight,” Harbourgh FM quotes RSPCA inspector Karl Marston as saying. A dog was found wandering the streets disoriented and unable to breathe after ingesting cannabis Three kangaroos, two zebras and $150 million of illegal cannabis seized by York Regional Police Even three-metre-long boa constrictor was all stressed out when suspected illegal cannabis grow left in the cold and dark “I am frankly quite shocked by what I have been told has potentially happened to this poor hedgehog and it is a miracle that she survived given all she has been through,” Marston says. The animal charity has launched an investigation and is appealing for information. “It’s shocking and upsetting and we desperately need to hear from anyone who may know anything about this incident,” Marston adds. Since being brought to hospital, staff there have determined the hedgehog, which likely only recently woke from hibernation, is blind in one eye and was covered in ticks when she was brought in, according to Metro. As of the end of April, the hedgehog was being cared for in…

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Source : Citizens rescue ‘stoned’, half-blind hedgehog that young adults dumped into river

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