CEO of US$2 billion startup reportedly fired for microdosing LSD

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Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have been espousing the benefits of microdosing — taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs to boost creativity, focus and mood — for years. Steve Jobs’ history with LSD is well-documented; Bill Gates has even hinted at psychedelic use. But for Justin Zhu, co-founder of Iterable, a marketing startup valued at US$2 billion, instead of stirring a creative breakthrough, microdosing led to Zhu being ousted as CEO, reports Bloomberg . Elon Musk smoking pot with Joe Rogan cost Americans $5 million This job will pay you $50K a year to test dry herb vapes Seth Rogen releases funny PSA with a serious message about portion control for weed newbies In a note to employees, Iterable reported that Zhu was fired over violations of company policy, but in an interview with Bloomberg , Zhu claimed he was let go because he took a small amount of LSD before a meeting in 2019. Zhu reportedly told Bloomberg that he was experimenting with the drug in an effort to improve his focus. Iterable co-founder Andrew Boni emailed staff to let them know of the decision and informed them that he would be replacing Zhu as CEO. The email was obtained by Bloomberg and while Boni praised Zhu as a “world-class innovator and creative thinker,” he also alleged that Zhu’s actions “undermined the board’s confidence in Justin’s ability to lead the company going forward.” Just weeks before Zhu was fired, The Information reports that Index Ventures sold about 50 per cent of its shares in Iterable to technology investment firm Silver Lake Partners. In 2019, Elon Musk faced criticism for taking a drag off a joint during the taping of an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Shares of Tesla fell as much as nine per cent in the aftermath and…

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Source : CEO of US billion startup reportedly fired for microdosing LSD

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