Cannabis prices down, but tab for hard drugs up in U.S. states with legal weed

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More research is needed to determine if a new study exploring how cannabis legalization influences illegal drug markets is correct in finding that prices for weed falls but those for hard drugs rises. “Our exploratory findings suggest that markets for illegal drugs may not be independent of legal cannabis market regulation,” lead author Angélica Meinhofer, an assistant professor of population health sciences at Weill Cornell Medicine, notes in a statement from the Society for the Study of Addiction . Published in Addiction , Weill Cornell Medicine compared outcome changes between 11 recreational cannabis laws (RCLs) states and non-RCL states. Don’t call it budget bud. Canadian cannabis prices are normalizing Medicinal marijuana patients feel they’re getting the short end of the stick Average legal pot price lower than weed from illegal mail-order sites: OCS To do so, investigators considered pooled crowdsourced data from Price of Weed and StreetRX, as well as administrative data from System to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence and the National Forensic Laboratory Information System. Since the implementation of RCLs in different U.S. states was staggered, investigators used a difference‐in‐differences design. The gathered data shows RCL implementation was associated with a 9.2 per cent decrease in street/illegal cannabis prices and an even bigger, 19.5 per cent, drop in low-quality street/illegal cannabis prices. That was not the case for street heroin, however, whose price rose 64 per cent and its potency 54 per cent, the statement reports. Price hikes for street/illegal oxycodone and hydrocodone were less dramatic, ringing in at 7.3 per cent and 5.1 per cent, respectively. The biggest drop-off occurred with regard to law enforcement seizures. Overall, the RCL states saw a 93 per cent decline for cannabis and more than a 50 per cent drop in seizures of heroin, oxycodone and hydrocodone. As of 2021, 17…

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Source : Cannabis prices down, but tab for hard drugs up in U.S. states with legal weed

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