California Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Possession Of Psychedelics Like Psilocybin And LSD

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A bill to legalize possession of psychedelics in California was approved by the California Senate on Tuesday. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D), which previously cleared three committees, passed 21-16 on the floor. If enacted into law, the bill would remove criminal penalties for possessing or sharing numerous psychedelics—including psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, ibogaine, LSD and MDMA—for adults 21 and older. “This approach moves us away from the failed war on drugs, which was based on the badly flawed premise that criminalizing, arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning people for using drugs will somehow deter their use and will somehow improve public safety,” Wiener said prior to the vote. “If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past half-century it’s that throwing people in jail for using drugs doesn’t stop drug use.” BREAKING: The CA Senate just passed our legislation to decriminalize psychedelics! To everyone who made calls, shared, posted, told their stores: You did this! Let’s keep up the fight & momentum. We need to end the failed War on Drugs. Thank you, colleagues! #SB519 — Senator Scott Wiener (@Scott_Wiener) June 1, 2021 The measure originally included record sealing and resentencing provisions for people previously convicted of psychedelics possession offenses, but that language was removed in its last committee stop last month as part of an amendment from the sponsor. Under the bill, state Department of Public Health would be required to establish a working group “to study and make recommendations regarding possible regulatory systems that California could adopt to promote safe and equitable access to certain substances in permitted legal contexts.” Those recommendations would be due by January 1, 2024. For psilocybin specifically, the legislation would repeal provisions in California statute that prohibit the cultivation or transportation of “any spores or mycelium capable of producing mushrooms or other material”…

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Source : California Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Possession Of Psychedelics Like Psilocybin And LSD

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