California authorities dismantle 'the most elaborate illegal marijuana grow they've ever seen'

Growth op

More than 20,000 cannabis plants have been discovered in what authorities are calling an elaborate and sophisticated growing operation in Fresno Valley, Calif., reports ABC 30 . The grow was allegedly discovered as authorities took to the skies to monitor two other known growing locations. They found a third operation in between the two sites. $146 million in cannabis plants seized in bust spanning several California counties Massive cannabis grow-op with 68,217 plants eradicated in California California sheriff’s office will investigate suspected illegal grow-ops… as soon as it determines the crop isn’t hemp The aroma was reportedly so pungent that authorities could smell the farm from the air. “We were about 1,100 feet (elevation) and about two miles away and we smelled it in the aircraft,” a sheriff’s sergeant told ABC 30. With assistance from the National Guard, deputies spent the better part of the weekend tearing down the operation that was spread across 18 greenhouses and 40 acres. On Facebook , the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office clarified that 21,192 plants were seized. They had initially estimated that there were more than 50,000 plants at the location. Truck trailers were filled to the brim after emptying just half of one greenhouse, authorities told ABC 30, adding that the street value for the entire operation could exceed US$80 million ($96.5 million). Nobody was present on the property as it was raided but a narcotics detective told , that they have a lead and believe the cartel is involved. “We do know who the property owner is and we have a pretty good idea about a few of the people who were living on scene,” the detective said. The operation was allegedly concealed from the roadside by mounds of dirt lining the property. Authorities said they will bury the seized cannabis…

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Source : California authorities dismantle 'the most elaborate illegal marijuana grow they've ever seen'

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