Broad-Spectrum Lighting Returns Higher Cannabis Yields


<![CDATA[At Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC), a vertically integrated medical cannabis producer in Austin, research goes hand-in-hand with production. Exhaustive research on lighting equipment, in partnership with Fluence by OSRAM, an LED lighting fixture manufacturer also located in Austin, has allowed the cultivation company to gain a deeper understanding of how light quality and intensity affect crop outcomes.“Before, we never really had lighting options. You just [grew with] HPS [high-pressure sodium] or metal halide, and you just grew with whatever spectrum that bulb came with,” explains Jason Sanders, the cultivation manager for TOCC. “Well, the beauty of LEDs is we now have full control over the light quality and the intensities, really allowing us to maximize plant performance.”TOCC has conducted studies on light spectrum, “everything from broad white to high red and everything in between,” Sanders says, as well as on light intensity. In the most recent study conducted at the facility, researchers examined the impact of the amount of red light hitting the canopy.The findings? Using a whiter light (meaning a light with a broader spectrum) throughout all phases of growth correlates to larger dry weight flower yields than LEDs with a higher red light content (typically referenced as pink light).The study required each of TOCC’s three flowering rooms to be broken into four zones, each representing a different spectral treatment. The light treatments differed with varying fractions of red light. The R4 zone was set at 40% red light (meaning it had the broadest/whitest spectrum), the R6 zone at 60%, and the R8 zone at 80% red light. The treatments were deployed in a randomized complete block design across the three rooms to ensure statistical validity to the study.According to recent light spectrum studies conducted by Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, using a whiter light (meaning a light with…

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Source : Broad-Spectrum Lighting Returns Higher Cannabis Yields

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