Brexit, medical cannabis and the children abandoned by the U.K. government

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This story first appeared in Weekend Dispensary, a weekly newsletter from The GrowthOp. Signup now to get a story delivered to your inbox every Saturday.  It was on a national stage that Hannah Deacon learned that her son, Alfie, would become the first patient in the United Kingdom to receive a permanent cannabis licence. Alfie lives with a rare form of epilepsy called PCDH19 and was experiencing upwards of 500 seizures a month as a child. Anti-epilepsy drugs had little effect, as did a ketogenic diet and immunoglobulins. A steroid injection reduced his seizures but also produced side effects like mood swings, restlessness and headaches. With few alternatives left to explore, the family moved to the Netherlands in 2017 so Alfie could legally access medical cannabis. He was prescribed Bedrolite CBD oil shortly after their arrival and after five weeks of treatment, he went 17 days without a seizure — the longest streak of his life. Upon returning home to the U.K. in 2018, Deacon began tirelessly lobbying for medical cannabis to be made available under the National Health Service (NHS). Deacon joined the campaign group End Our Pain , made up of other families and advocates calling for access to medical cannabis, appeared on BBC and in other media across the country , even meeting with then Prime Minister Theresa May in Nov. 2018. May vowed to get Alfie access to his medicine, Deacon says. Three months later, while being interviewed on the British television network ITV News , it was revealed that Alfie would be granted the country’s first licence for medical cannabis. Cannabis-based products were also rescheduled from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, enabling specialists to prescribe them and potentially opening the door for greater access. “We thought, ‘brilliant,’ you know, we’ve helped Alfie and we’re going to help…

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Source : Brexit, medical cannabis and the children abandoned by the U.K. government

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