Breaking (news) bad: 'Reporter' arrested after 180 kilograms of cannabis found in van

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It appears that a 37-year-old man in Thailand exercised more than a little creative licence when he claimed to be a stringer for a Thai-language newspaper after getting caught with 180 kilograms of weed in his “news” vehicle. Phattanachai Khamphukaew seemed to have all the necessary credentials: a news reporter’s card and a news vehicle, a van bearing the logo for his publication, Sathon Sangkhom. But things started to go sideways for the intrepid “reporter” late Monday night, right about the time a navy patrol saw him on the bank of the Mekong River loading sacks into his van, according to the Bangkok Post . Medical students in Israel may support using weed for pain management, but they still don’t feel prepared to do so Couple arrested in Thailand for allegedly forgings visas, growing cannabis Thailand to allow some parts of the cannabis plant to be included in cosmetics and food Inside the vehicle, officers discovered sacks containing 180 bars of compressed cannabis, each weighing a kilogram, the Bangkok Post quotes Captain Rit Nathawong, a commander with the Mekong Riverine Unit, as saying Tuesday. The seized weed was worth about 2 million baht or $78,000. Police say the man reported that he was a van driver who also worked for Sathon Sangkhom in Bangkok. The Bangkok Post checked, but could not find the publication. The subterfuge gave way during police questioning, when the suspect reportedly told police that because he had no work as a van driver, he began transporting drugs destined for Bangkok. Although he claimed that it was the first time he had done so, for which he was paid 50,000 baht ($1,950), police were unconvinced. Rit told reporters that more than 2 tons of cannabis have been seized in Nakhon Phanom province over the past month. Medical…

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Source : Breaking (news) bad: 'Reporter' arrested after 180 kilograms of cannabis found in van

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