Average Daily Medical Cannabis Sales Approach $900,000 in Arkansas


<![CDATA[During a 31-day reporting period that ended on April 11, the average daily medical cannabis sales in Arkansas approached nearly $900,000, according to a Arkansas Democrat-Gazette report.The state’s 32 dispensaries operating as of April 11 reported total sales of $27 million from 3,730 pounds of product sold during the 31 days, the news outlet reported. The new daily sales average is nearly a 30% increase from the previous 23-day reporting period that ended on March 11, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Additionally, the daily sales average has increased by roughly $300,000 since last reported by Cannabis Business Times in Sept. 2020. Since the state’s first legal cannabis sale in May 2019, dispensaries have reported about $285 million in medical cannabis sales through April 11—charging about $16 per gram on average—from more than 40,000 pounds of cannabis products, the news outlet reported. From March 20 to April 10, the number of active patient cards has increased by more than 3,500, and as of April 10, more than 74,000 Arkansans had active medical cards, the news outlet reported.  Furthermore, six more dispensaries in Arkansas are in the process of opening, the news outlet reported.]]>

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