Analysis: Cannabinoids not linked to 'serious cardiovascular effects'

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Promising news for cardio-conscious medical cannabis consumers has come to light. The consumption of certain medical cannabis products is not associated with an increased risk of “serious cardiovascular effects,” according to a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association . Demystifying cannabis and heart health Past or current cannabis use not associated with greater chance of hypertension Canadian researchers find habitual cannabis use when young could be linked to heart disease later on “The objective of this study was to evaluate the cardiovascular toxicity associated with medical use of cannabinoids,” write the authors, who note that “several systematic reviews (SRs) have summarized the potential effectiveness of medical cannabinoids, but it is unclear to what extent safety-related outcomes were incorporated.” A team of clinicians analyzed a total of 47 studies involving 2,800 patients. Forty-five per cent of the studies excluded patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases, they noted. Although cannabis use was “significantly associated with increased risks” of non-serious issues such as orthostatic hypotension and hypotension (low blood pressure), as well as “a trend of increased risk” of tachycardia (a racing heartbeat), researchers noted that none of the studies reviewed noted any “serious cardiovascular effects.” Despite the seemingly promising clinical data, the team composed of Thai and American researchers urged patients to proceed with caution. The studies were not long-term in duration, with the median trial lasting only 15.8 days, and trial subjects generally consumed oral doses of cannabis extracts or synthetic cannabinoids (including THC). Comparatively, many medical cannabis users opt to consume their medication via inhalation and often use cannabis as a treatment for a longer duration than just over two weeks. “There is a paucity of data for other cardiovascular events among medical cannabis users,” the study concludes.  “More data, especially regarding long-term effects among patients with…

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Source : Analysis: Cannabinoids not linked to 'serious cardiovascular effects'

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