A two-year-old boy shows signs of early puberty after using weed oil to treat severe epilepsy

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A case study that found a two-year-old boy treated with cannabis oil for severe epilepsy showed signs of puberty indicates “more research on the effects of cannabis use on human hormonal markers and clinical outcomes is necessary.” Investigators out of Birmingham, U.K. made clear the finding relates to one boy who used cannabis oil obtained without a prescription, according to a case report write-up . They unearthed no previous cases associated with cannabinoid use and “no existing evidence investigating the effects of cannabinoids on infants.” Even so, researchers caution that using medical cannabis to treat severe childhood epilepsy may be linked to early puberty, called precocious puberty, defined as onset of puberty before the age of nine. Canadian researchers find habitual cannabis use when young could be linked to heart disease later on New case report sheds light on cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and the need to avoid diagnosis delays N.S. research suggests women may be upping cannabis use to cope with depressed mood linked to disorder Authors could not say the boy’s early puberty is a direct consequence of THC in cannabis activating the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis that is “responsible for the development and regulation of several of the body systems, including those for reproduction.” But they maintained that “this case demonstrates a temporal association between cannabis use and development of precocious puberty.” While cannabis oil has been found to help reduce seizures in childhood epilepsy, no consensus exists on its impact on the trio of glands, namely the HPG axis, according to BMJ Case Reports . Doctors diagnosed early puberty in the young boy, citing testicular enlargement, increased penile length, growth of coarse body hair, change in body odour, facial and truncal acne and abnormally high levels of serum testosterone — 19 nmol/L compared to a normal level of less…

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Source : A two-year-old boy shows signs of early puberty after using weed oil to treat severe epilepsy

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