A third of cannabis users in Quebec upped consumption during COVID-19

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Just shy of a third of Quebecers recently surveyed by the Quebec Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) reported their cannabis consumption had increased over the last week compared to before COVID-19, while the remainder said it had stayed the same or dropped. Polled between Apr. 16 and 28, more than half of respondents — 55 per cent — noted that weed intake had remained about the same and 15 per cent said that it had decreased, according to a report from the Canadian Press . The INSPQ has been surveying the lifestyle habits of Quebecers as part of an online survey since July 1, 2020. New pandemic survey dives into alcohol and drug consumption habits of Canadians Yep. More people in the U.S. report using medical weed during COVID-19 Using weed at a younger age could mean faster development of substance use disorders As always when it comes to cannabis, clear differences existed among age groups. Adults aged 18 to 34 represented the age group most likely to increase cannabis consumption, with 39 per cent of these respondents noting they were using more cannabis products. Figures also varied depending on if respondents were single or in a household with children, the Canadian Press reports. Still, about 34 per cent of polled singles reported consuming more cannabis as did about 31 per cent of those in homes with children. Although about 12 per cent of Quebec adults have used cannabis at least once in the month of April, the Canadian Press cites INSPQ as reporting, 79 per cent said that was for recreational purposes and 21 per cent noted it was for medical purposes only. Overall with regard to smoking tobacco, 38 per cent of smokers upped their cigarette consumption in the past month compared to before the pandemic. For alcohol…

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Source : A third of cannabis users in Quebec upped consumption during COVID-19

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