A man who was stopped while driving arrested for mailing 292 packages of weed

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A 49-year-old man arrested during a recent traffic stop is now sitting in jail, accused of mailing 848 pounds (385 kilograms) of cannabis to 13 separate addresses in two Pennsylvania counties over four years. Frederick McMillin has since been charged with operating a corrupt organization, conspiracy, two counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, intent to promote the carrying on of specified unlawful activity and knowingly committing an illegal act, according to The Sentinel . McMillin’s vehicle was stopped earlier this weed and he was taken into custody for an active bench warrant in Juniata County, the newspaper reports. It is alleged he was stopped in Mifflin County while carrying a large, unspecified amount of money and a small amount of marijuana. ‘Warehouseman’ claims he felt forced to accept $61,200 worth of weed sent inside pillow to his home Customs seizes drugs worth $190,000 in two days at two Irish mail centres Seven weird ways people have tried smuggling weed Citing the affidavit of probable cause, The Sentinel reports an inspector with the United States Postal Service notified police in early 2019 about a package suspected of containing illegal narcotics. The parcel was addressed to R. McMillin and was being mailed to an address in Juniata Terrace Borough. The inspector pointed out the package was one of several being sent to multiple addresses in the area that were intercepted around that time. A drug-detecting dog was called in, indicating a positive result, thereby allowing the inspector to get a search warrant and open the packages. They were found to, indeed, contain cannabis. A review of packages sent by McMillin indicated at least 13 recipient addresses and 292 packages containing 848 pounds (385 kg) of weed from July 2017 and May 2021. An investigation revealed individuals in Pennsylvania…

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Source : A man who was stopped while driving arrested for mailing 292 packages of weed

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