77 per cent of Protestant pastors would pass on legalizing cannabis

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A clear majority of Protestant pastors would not puff, not puff and not pass legislation legalizing cannabis of any kind if they had their druthers. Survey numbers released by Lifeway Research indicate 77 per cent of the 1,007 Protestant pastors polled last fall by phone or online disagree that cannabis should be legalized for any purpose. The senior or sole pastor or minister at the church completed the survey, notes a write-up of survey findings . Specifically, 59 per cent of respondents strongly disagree and 18 per cent somewhat disagree with cannabis being legalized. That compares to six per cent who strongly agree and 12 per cent who somewhat agree that it should be. Six per cent of those taking part in the survey indicated they were not sure. Cannabis was discovered at a religious shrine in Israel that dates back to 760 BCE Holy Weed: Church of England lifts ban on medical cannabis Holy smokes: Senior accused of getting the whole church high with secretly-spiked cannabis cookies There was, of course, different support based on specific groups of pastors. For example, 24 per cent of faith leaders between the ages of 18 and 44 support legalization while the percentage drops to 15 per cent among pastors aged 45 to 54, and falls again to 13 per cent for those aged 65-plus. The difference between female and male pastors was striking, with 38 per cent and 16 per cent, respectively, supporting legalization for any purpose. But not only do the vast majority of Protestant pastors eschew cannabis legalization, a similar percentage regards getting stoned as morally wrong. Again, the nays had the upper hand, with 56 per cent strongly agreeing and 22 per cent somewhat agreeing getting high smoking weed was morally wrong. About five per cent of respondents were…

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Source : 77 per cent of Protestant pastors would pass on legalizing cannabis

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