7 best strains for watching movies, according to entertainment industry insiders


If you’ve spent any amount of time smoking weed and watching movies, you already know the two activities make an ideal pair.  You might say film is the most psychotropic art form, engaging multiple senses and modes of thinking and feeling at once for an experience that, at its best, you can intuit sensorily as well as emotionally. The late filmmaker and legendary stoner Robert Altman once described the ultimate cinematic experience as such on The Dick Cavett Show in 1972.  “Ideally, the audience can look at a film, emotionally get the whole thing, and not necessarily be able to explain it to somebody else,” Altman proposed. “To themselves, they should feel and know what it means. You get an impression, and you know what it means but you can’t articulate it.”  If Altman’s onto something here — and of course he is — it stands to reason that the cannabis high would sort of open up one’s third eye and, by extension, a new hyper-sensory channel where a movie becomes the ultimate version of itself: a psychedelic, electronic dream transferred to waking life and most effectively intuited with the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in your system.  And if you want to get the best experience out of watching a movie while baked, finding the right cannabinoid profile is key. That’s why we interviewed a stellar lineup of entertainment industry insiders and seasoned stoned movie watchers to find the best strains for watching movies and tapping into the optimal psychotropic, cinematic trip. Here’s seven of their favorites. Blue Dream It’s been a few years since Blue Dream dominated the legal cannabis market as the most popular strain, but if our interviewees have anything to say about it, you may want to return to this one next time you’re…

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Source : 7 best strains for watching movies, according to entertainment industry insiders

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