6 weed products journalist Ricardo Baca can't live without


Ricardo Baca is a prolific veteran journalist and considered the first modern weed news editor (outside of the old High Times school). He was an editor at The Denver Post where he ran The Cannabist for over three years. Baca’s place “at ground zero of the green rush” was the subject of the 2015 documentary Rolling Papers. Today, he’s the CEO and founder of Grasslands, a cannabis PR company dedicated to championing journalism while helping cannabis brands tell their stories.  In the eye of the media storm For Baca, it’s been nothing short of a “tremendous honor” to witness the historic trajectory of cannabis over the last decade so intimately. The breaking point came in 2014, Baca told Weedmaps, when the unspoken battle still raged between cannabis advocacy media and the mainstream coverage that still parroted outdated narratives from the federal government and the war on drugs. “That’s when we saw this tipping point where the work of a lot of our predecessors, people like David Downs and Ed Rosenthal, writers and journalists who had previously done legitimate cannabis journalism from a modern educated perspective, then being able to build upon what they did.” When Baca came on to the scene in 2013, the understanding was clear that the advocacy media that had kept cannabis coverage afloat up to that point wouldn’t cut it as the legal cannabis beat became a reality. “To be able to create real journalism and continue in that vein from those who came before me, and to take it to the next level with the help of a very large community, and to really change how the media covers cannabis, that has been the most tremendous honor to witness that expansion.” Though Baca admits that his role shifting from advocacy media to mainstream cannabis journalism…

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Source : 6 weed products journalist Ricardo Baca can't live without

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