5 Tips To Maintain a Healthy Organic Living Soil for Your Indoor Cannabis Facility


<![CDATA[If you scoop your fingers through layers of fresh, moist soil and look closely, you may notice the soil moves, crawls and even seems to breathe with life. There are more living organisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are living people on Earth. Microbes, fungi, bacteria and insects are a few of the billions of hungry critters consuming and excreting their way through a living web of life within the soil.  This is why some indoor cannabis growers are embracing organic living soil methods. Organic living soil allows a plant to easily access which essential nutrients it needs when it needs them. The microorganisms exchange nutrients and microlife with the plants, creating a symbiosis in the soil that will continue perpetually. Growers mimic this natural balance indoors using a base soil and adding amendments and inoculants filled with fungi, bacteria, beneficial insects and other microlife. Healthy, balanced soil will make available all of the nutrients necessary for an eager, hungry hemp seed while keeping pests and disease at bay without the use of harsh pesticides or herbicides. Take advantage of the below tips at your indoor growing facility so you can ensure your living soil will continue to give back to your cannabis plants day after day, week after week, and season after season.   Tip 1: Get a BaseThe first step to maintaining a healthy living soil according to Chris Teeters, director of cultivation at Harbor Farmz in Michigan, is to have a good base. He’s not just talking about base soil, but also a base of knowledge and experience about growing organically. Take some time to understand the systems of microbes that are responsible for keeping the soil alive and nutrient-dense for your plant, called the soil food web.  “Learn how to create a good base soil.…

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Source : 5 Tips To Maintain a Healthy Organic Living Soil for Your Indoor Cannabis Facility

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