15 Cool Stoner Accessories from King Palm

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King Palm makes high-quality, innovative cannabis accessories. Not only is the brand dedicated to creating premium tobacco-free wraps, but they also have some of the best weed accessories available to help you optimize your smoke session. We compiled a list of the 15 most popular cannabis accessories for sale on the official King Palm website. Each of these accessories will improve any cannabis smoker’s routine and make a stellar addition to your collection. Read below to discover the benefits of these customer-favorite ganja gadgets.  1.     King Palm Wraps with Flavored Filter Tips  Every properly initiated stoner knows that the days of flavored rolling papers are gone. They are outdated and typically don’t have great flavor. King Palm’s natural leaf cones with terpene-infused, all-natural tips push the envelope on flavor and satisfaction. The slow burn creates a delicious taste that lingers, unlike blunts sealed by glue and saliva.  King Palm leaves nothing to chance when it comes to high-end satisfaction. When you want to take the time to savor every puff, King Palm’s pre-rolled cones are the way to go, as they complement every herb you smoke with it. They are a product of natural leaf rolls that are individually handpicked and cleaned with purified water. Enjoy the convenience and flavor of this healthier, eco-friendly option that leaves toxic fertilizers and toxins behind.  2.     Filter Tips Made from Organically Grown Corn Husk Smoke like an elite with King Palm’s all-natural filter tips. These made-to-perfection tips are all-natural, smoother, and undoubtedly make for a longer lasting, more enjoyable hit.  The berry-infused terpenes open you up to a world of satisfying inhale, while the care to detail during creation gives your joint the ideal shape.  3.     All New Palm Leaf Wraps  If you feel like rolling with a tobacco-free blunt wrap alternative, we highly recommend King Palm’s exquisite, all-natural Palm Leaf Wraps. These signature joint wraps…

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