Your Guide to Crop Steering With Nutrients


<![CDATA[For several years, commercial cultivation has been a trial-and-error process for growers as they navigate the most efficient way to care for plants throughout the different life cycle stages.During each stage, plants must have specific plant essential nutrient ratios to develop, grow or produce at its best. If a plant has too much or too little of one of the 14 essential plant nutrients, it will not complete its life cycle stages correctly, says Ian Bateman, who works in professional technical services at Hawthorne Gardening Company Horticulture Division.“When you think of the plant body, it’s like a skyscraper you’re trying to build,” Bateman says. “All the nutrients are pieces of equipment, machinery or structural components that help make that building. So, if you have one missing piece out of the equation, you can’t finish your building, and that’s how I would think about plant nutrients. If a grower has just one out of the 14 nutrients, that isn’t sufficient to sustain the growth level they want, then, the growth is slowed down by that nutrient.”Knowing what to feed a plant when it needs it will help save time, money, and most importantly, the plant. Additionally, understanding essential plant nutrients and maintaining proper ratios can help with crop steering, Bateman says.Cultivators use crop steering to direct the plant to grow in the way they want by altering the environment, how often plants are irrigated and other inputs. Growers can steer the plant’s growth and habit by adjusting nutrients, as well, another important component of crop steering, Bateman says. In order to use nutrients to steer crops, Bateman suggests these key considerations. Timing is Key Different nutrients contribute to different aspects of plant growth and development. For example, nitrogen and iron help plants develop strong leaves to capture light, Bateman says.Nitrogen and…

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