New York Legalises Cannabis, Focusing On Social Equity


New York has become the fifteenth US state to legalise recreational cannabis use, yet the first to actively implement legislation to redress the social and racial disparities caused by prohibition. The new bill – which was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday (March 31) – has been specifically designed to ensure that half of the new business licenses and forty percent of tax revenues are allocated to individuals and communities that have been historically targeted by the War on Drugs. As such, the bill aims to prevent the legal New York cannabis market from becoming dominated by large companies at the expense of marginalised communities, as has occurred in other states. Related Post New York Set For Medical Cannabis Home Delivery Cannabis Finally Legalised In New York The legalisation of Cannabis in New York is long overdue, having stalled due to disagreements between Cuomo and the state’s Democrat lawmakers. The latter had been pushing for a legalisation bill that favours social equity ever since the party regained control of the state legislature in 2018. However, after initially opposing legalising entirely, Cuomo later threw his weight behind a watered-down legalisation bill that would keep control of the industry in the hands of big businesses. Yet after seeing his power base rocked by a series of accusation of sexual assault, Cuomo finally decided to play ball and support the bill proposed by his fellow Democrats, apparently in the hopes of regaining some popularity and deflecting attention away from the scandal in which he is currently embroiled. The bill, which sailed through the state Assembly and Senate in spite of opposition from Republicans, allows all adults in New York to possess up to three ounces of cannabis flower, or 24 ounces of concentrates and extracts. Aspects of the law concerning cultivation and sale…

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Source : New York Legalises Cannabis, Focusing On Social Equity

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