Medical cannabis growers in Canada face strict new rules. For some, that could mean losing their license

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Joel Taylor is the co-founder of Patient Choice, a licensed online medical platform that connects medical cannabis patients, licensed producers, and processors. In an attempt to crackdown on the illicit market, Health Canada has published a plan to tighten restrictions on medical cannabis cultivation . The regulator cited a perceived discrepancy in the amount of medical cannabis grown, alongside license infringements and sites used for “large-scale illegal production.” Canadian online medical cannabis supplier to offer CBD flower from $1.96/gram Canadian cannabis market continues to grow, with Ontario nowhere near retail store saturation: Brightfield This new app allows users to enter a ‘semi-psychedelic state’ without consuming drugs Although legal cannabis sales overtook illegal transactions at the end of 2020 , the federal government’s focus also remains on regulating the legacy industry. It has accused some medical growers of supplying the grey market, estimated to be worth $2.9 billion annually, and now wants extended power to remove their licenses. In a guidance document to outline the proposals, the government pointed to a steady rise in the amount of medicinal cannabis grown, while the amount obtained from licensed producers stayed the same. Medical cannabis Crucially this overlooks the amount of cannabis needed to produce efficient medical products, and the rise in their adoption. The number of Canadians registered to access medicinal cannabis surged 24 per cent last year , alongside the number of patients licensed to grow their own medicine. The market shift is a result of increased cannabis normalization, with an influx of seniors accessing the medical framework for the first time. Many of these patients favour cannabis oil, over smokable flower, as a more convenient consumption method. To create a single gram of high-quality oil typically requires at least seven grams of flower, depending on the calibre of the starting material.…

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Source : Medical cannabis growers in Canada face strict new rules. For some, that could mean losing their license

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