Joint-police probe smashes $7M grow-op in Belleville, Ont.

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One of the largest marijuana grow-ops ever uncovered by police in joint operations in Belleville, Ont. has been uncovered in a warehouse-type building in the city’s east end, said city police Tuesday. The joint police effort discovered the massive indoor pot farm inside the commercial building and a number of persons alleged to be connected were arrested. Co-operation between Project Renewal, Belleville City Police, OPP Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau East Region and the Provincial Joint Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team resulted in the uncovering of the high-level crime operations. OPP find more than 70 garbage bags stuffed with cannabis in a rental van Charges follow seizure of 2,400 weed plants in central Ontario city Stinky truck leads to Ontario police discovering 525 cannabis plants at RIDE check Police teams “executed a cannabis act search warrant at an east-end commercial address in the city of Belleville. Over 7,000 plants were seized and four arrests were made,” said city police. “The estimated street value of the seized plants if they had reached maturity is approximately $7 million,” police said. Jiang, DaJie, 57, of Toronto; Li, Shan Yan, 51, of Toronto; Jian, Jiang, 33, of Scarborough; and Yuzhen, Chen, 61, of Scarborough are each charged with one count of “cultivate, propagate or harvest any plant at a place that is not their dwelling-house – Section 12(6)(a) of the Cannabis Act.” The foursome were released on an undertaking with a first Belleville court appearance set for May 13.

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Source : Joint-police probe smashes M grow-op in Belleville, Ont.

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