Having a bad trip? This psychedelic hotline offers free counselling and support

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A U.S.-based hotline that will provide 24/7 support to individuals who consume psychedelics is officially launching today. Fireside Project provides free and confidential support by phone, text message and live chat. The service is staffed by volunteers who have completed a 36-hour training program. This new app allows users to enter a ‘semi-psychedelic state’ without consuming drugs Toronto company to conduct Jamaica’s first psilocybin clinical trial for managing depression Psychedelics show promise in treatment of depression, PTSD According to the Fireside Project website, the company envisions “a world where every person feels safe, supported, and seen during and after their psychedelic experiences so they can use those experiences to live richer, healthier, more joyous lives.” The company hopes to minimize the risks associated with psychedelics by providing “compassionate, accessible, and culturally responsive peer support.” The support line is not exclusive to those who are having a ‘bad trip.’ According to the company’s FAQ, the service is also open to individuals who are looking to “connect with another human being, even if your trip is going just beautifully.” Last month, the project received a US$10,000 donation from Global Trac Solutions, Inc., a digital media company. “We are truly honoured to have this opportunity for Global Trac Solutions and Psychedelic Spotlight to sponsor what we believe will be a critical and essential resource for the growing community of psychedelic healing and exploration,” Global Trac Solutions, Inc. CEO, David Flores said in a press release . “We have to be willing to acknowledge that as more cities and states across the U.S. begin to explore and adopt decriminalization measures for psychedelic substances, more people will seek support. We continue to see encouraging news surrounding the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy and have no doubt that Fireside Project will play a pivotal role in how…

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