Califari’s Digital NFT Platform Amplifies Cannabis Art

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Califari is on a mission to tell the story of the ever-expanding cannabis universe through art, both in the physical and virtual worlds. Founded in 2015, the California-based company’s Global Artist Network makes cannabis strain art posters highlighting the personality and stories behind beloved cannabis strains. Hanging on walls across the U.S., from dispensaries and dorms to law firms, living rooms and pop-up art galleries, these posters offer people another way to engage with cannabis culture and celebrate the plant on a deeper level.  In an effort to connect with even more cannabis and art enthusiasts, Califari announced in an April 6 press release that they are partnering with Merida Capital Holdings to launch a new digital platform that uses non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, to create and distribute one-of-a-kind pieces of cannabis strain art.  “We basically want to extend the cannabis art experience as far as we can,” said Jason McHugh, Califari’s founder and CEO, in a phone interview with Cannabis Now. “That’s why we’re so excited about doing the NFTs.” Simply put, NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that are tied to digital assets, making it possible to own and sell digital art. Each digital token shows proof of ownership and authenticity. But Califari’s platform will be more than an online auction site – it will also offer cannabis brand development and gamification opportunities, where users can grow and breed their own digital cannabis.  “We’ll be creating our own trading card universe based on strain art. What’s extra exciting is that this will be a place where any cannabis brand can have a centralized place to do releases,” McHugh said. “The power of collaborative marketing is a big part of what we’re looking to do – to bring the digital art presence into the physical offerings of cannabis products that you would find in dispensaries.” Jesse Barney, founder…

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Source : Califari’s Digital NFT Platform Amplifies Cannabis Art

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