Police harsh the mellow with weed trafficking charges against man who had ‘Margaweedaville’ pricing list inside his home

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A South Carolina man has been charged with marijuana trafficking and unlawful conduct toward a child after police raided his home and found various cannabis products, firearms and a sign designating the home as “Margaweedaville.” The bust follows an extensive undercover operation involving narcotics and SWAT officers with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) and the Florence Police Department’s emergency response teams. Executing a warrant at a Florence, S.C. home on Apr. 6, the police found and seized more than 11 pounds (five kilograms) of weed that included about 800 pre-rolled marijuana products, THC edibles and wax, FCSO notes on Facebook . Man charged after leaving infant next to a big bag of weed Couple charged with child endangerment after police discover 500-plant cannabis grow Popular pizza joint owner and his wife arrested for allegedly selling weed on the side Beyond the cannabis, police also found a hydraulic press, two firearms, about US$2,700 ($3,402) and other drug paraphernalia. Additionally, the post notes, “Inside the residence, investigators found a billboard which named the location ‘Margaweedaville,’ complete with a description and price of various marijuana products available for purchase.” The billboard appears to be a slippery play on Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, the lyrics of which include “wastin’ away again in Margaritaville.” “Margaweedaville” was in full swing despite a small child being allowed to reside in the home “with unsecured firearms, multiple pounds of illegal narcotics, some of which are in edible form and where the subjects are alleged to have engaged in criminal activity,” investigators allege. Austen Lorenzo Regalado, 24, and Alice Elizabeth Bell Regalado, 23, were arrested at the scene. The man faces charges of trafficking in marijuana and unlawful conduct toward a child, while the faces the latter charge. The Regalados are being held at the Florence County Detention Center…

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Source : Police harsh the mellow with weed trafficking charges against man who had ‘Margaweedaville’ pricing list inside his home

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