4 weed products journalist Madison Margolin can't live without


Madison Margolin is the co-founder and managing editor of DoubleBlind, the biannual print magazine and digital media outfit that’s taking the psychedelics movement by storm. Before starting the magazine, she and co-founder Shelby Hartman were both prolific cannabis journalists. Though many will be most familiar with Margolin’s cannabis coverage in a wide range of publications over the last five years, she’s been covering the political, cultural, and spiritual impact of psychedelics since her college days.  While still in journalism school at Columbia University, Margolin was reporting on the Orthodox Jewish community in New York and met a bunch of kids from orthodox backgrounds who were experimenting with psychedelics, “exploring their relationship to religion and spirituality through these alternative drug experiences,” Margolin told Weedmaps, “I got really curious about that and started writing almost immediately about the relationship between Judaism and psychedelics. That was like five years ago before I even had my job at the Village Voice.”  Margolin started covering New York’s cannabis policy rollout for the Voice in 2015. At the same time, she had spent several months working on a story about the Empire State’s burgeoning psychedelic scene, where she was, “looking at the research that was coming out of NYU.” She also became familiar with the newly opened Alchemist Kitchen, a community space offering talks on psychedelics and with room to sell goods and tinctures. The Voice was sold in October 2015, just as Margolin’s psychedelics coverage was about to be a cover story. “They got a new editor who basically was like, ‘Your drug coverage is cliché. The Village Voice is over drugs,’ and he killed my psychedelics story.” That same editor also killed her weed column, so Margolin would go on to cover the cannabis beat for Rolling Stone, Playboy, High Times, Nylon, Bon Appetit,…

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