Everything you need to know about the PAX Era Life


It’s rare to come across a West Coast stoner who isn’t already somewhat familiar with the PAX brand. Its handheld, pocket-sized flower and oil vaporizers are ubiquitous among committed non-combusters and strain hunting extract users, and its high-profile farm collabs have kept its proprietary cartridges consistently relevant.  Now the PAX line has expanded once again to include the PAX Era Life, its most streamlined device yet, built to suit a variety of cannabis oil users with simplified functions and an unparalleled ease of use. With its relatively low price point, simple features, and elegant simplicity, the PAX Era Life brings quality weed tech to an entirely new and potentially far more inclusive audience.  What is the PAX Era Life? The PAX Era Life is a compact cannabis oil vaporizer that uses proprietary PAX cannabis oil pods for vaping.  It’s a compact, streamlined, lower-cost version of PAX’s popular Era Pro pocket oil vaporizer. The two vapes share the same sleek look, with the Era Life being about one centimeter shorter than the Era Pro. The PAX Era Life’s scaled back functions make it PAX’s easiest to use vaporizer. Simply plug a PAX pod into the open end of the device, reinsert to choose from one of four temperatures, and draw.  The Era Life shares the majority of its basic functionality features with the Era Pro, save for the Pro’s high level of interconnectivity via app. The Era Life does not feature app connectivity, and hence lacks those fancy app control options like low-pod alerts or child locks.  But what the PAX Era Life lacks in ornamental tech, it makes up for with a long battery life (up to 150+ hits per charge), relative low cost ($35), and flashy new color choices like Indigo, Grass, or Blaze.  What are PAX Pods? PAX…

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