Drugs could soon be decriminalized in the ACT. Here’s why that would be a positive step

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In February this year, Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson introduced a  private members bill  to remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of some illicit drugs in the Australian Capital Territory. This might seem like a radical step to some, but researchers and health professionals have been  calling for this reform for some time . How this former NFL linebacker became a leading cannabis physician for athletes Margaritas, marijuana and mountains get love from half-naked Chelsea Handler at Whistler A too-stoned-on-edibles Seth Rogen knew it was time to leave the Golden Globes when ‘Walter White’ asked: ‘Are you okay?’ Most Australians support decriminalization and a less punitive  approach to drug use. The bill is currently before a  parliamentary committee  that will look at the evidence and submissions from professionals, people who use drugs and the general public, and will report back in October this year. How will decriminalization work? Drug decriminalization is not the same as legalization. Decriminalization means it’s still illegal, but you may get a fine, rather than a criminal charge. In this case, the proposal is for the decriminalization of use and possession only. Manufacturing and selling will still be a criminal offence. Possession of cannabis has already been decriminalized in the ACT since 1992. Pettersson also introduced a bill that came into effect in 2020 , which went one step further. It allowed adult residents in the ACT to legally grow and possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use. Possession of cannabis has also been decriminalized in South Australia and the Northern Territory for nearly 30 years. If the new legislation passes, possession of small amounts of a limited number of illicit drugs will no longer be a criminal offence. They will be decriminalized, like cannabis was between 1992 and 2020 in the ACT. If…

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Source : Drugs could soon be decriminalized in the ACT. Here’s why that would be a positive step

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