Validcare release results from largest liver toxicology study on CBD to date


HempFusion Wellness Inc. confirms that Validcare has shared its initial findings with the FDA. Over the past number of months, Validcare has been coordinating one of the largest liver toxicology studies on CBD, to date. The main aim of the study was to determine whether CBD causes liver toxicity in humans. About the study The study spanned over the course of seven months and involved 839 participants. Investigators state that the initial findings show no evidence of liver toxicity in participants. They have also sent results of the study to members of the United States Food and Drug Agency’s Cannabis Product Council. Experts at Validcare specifically designed this study to respond to concerns raised by the FDA in March 2020. The FDA believes that this information is integral to determining appropriate regulations for CBD products. This ensures the health and safety of consumers. Hence, the urgency for such studies to commence. RELATED ARTICLE: The Extract tested over 60 CBD products on the UK market CONTINUE READING The industry-sponsored study involved the participation of eleven companies, including Cannacraft and Charlotte’s Web. Each brand provided products and certificates of authenticity in addition to funding for the study. They also assisted with the volunteer recruitment process. What do the results mean for the CBD industry? Jason Mitchell, N.D., HempFusion’s co-founder and CEO, believes that the findings of the investigation mark a significant step forward for the future of the CBD industry. Mr. Mitchell states “we look forward to continuing to find ways to provide customers with safe and quality products. When specifically looking at how our products performed in the study, having no liver toxicity only bolsters what we have always stated about our products. We believe they are safe.” RELATED ARTICLE: CBD oil benefits, fact or fiction? – Clinical trials reveal the…

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Source : Validcare release results from largest liver toxicology study on CBD to date

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