The Fast-Acting Benefits of ReCreate’s CBD + THC Gummies

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Designed for a higher function, ReCreate’s cannabis-infused products contain optimal levels of full spectrum CBD, fast-acting THC, and functional botanicals.  Intended to become a life-enhancing part of your daily routine, ReCreate offers a variety of precise formulas that deliver consistent and repeatable effects including: Everyday, Energy, Focus, Immunity, Recovery, Relax, Relief and Sleep.  Their new line of gummies offers the same great wellness benefits but gives consumers more variety and added convenience. Whether you are incorporating them into your daily wellness routine, or taking them as needed, their small size makes it easy to consume wherever you are.  Plus, they work fast.  Quicker Onset Than Your Average Edible ReCreate gummies are conveniently ready to assist you in achieving a desired state of wellbeing whenever you need it. You might be used to waiting a while for effects to kick in from edibles, but these aren’t your average cannabis-infused gummies.  While the effects are not instant, the nano-encapsulated cannabis used in ReCreate gummies lends to consistent, fast acting results.  Nano-encapsulated cannabis is more bioavailable than traditional cannabis extracts, meaning your body can absorb and process the cannabis faster.  This industry-leading innovation allows for one of the fastest, smoothest onsets in the market.  Boosted Benefits With Botanicals, CBD and THC  Each resealable, child-resistant package contains ten colorful heptagon shaped gummies evenly coated in what looks like granulated sugar, but is actually monk fruit.  The flavor profile varies with each formula – whichever is selected will greet you with a whopping blast of fruity aroma, proudly boasting bold flavors reminiscent of popular mix-in drinks. Expect to taste the cannabis a bit – these aren’t designed to hide it. The synergy of cannabinoids alongside ReCreate’s carefully selected functional botanicals sets the company apart from standard edibles. ReCreate Energy (CBD+THC+Yerba Mate) packs a punch of sweet watermelon with a touch of sour lemonade. Natural, vegan and gluten-free, these plant-based gummies are designed to uplift your spirits. Yerba…

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