Mexico moves to legalize cannabis use, a modest step toward de-escalating drug war

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Mexico’s lower house of Congress in March  handily approved a bill to legalize the recreational use of cannabis . The  bill  is now with the Senate, where it is likely to pass, as Mexican senators have  previously voted to legalize cannabis . If that happens, Mexico will join  Uruguay  and  Canada in allowing people to use cannabis recreationally, albeit in a more limited fashion. Mexico’s bill  would not outright legalize cannabis; it would raise the country’s existing threshold of nonpunishable personal possession from 5 grams to 28 grams. Possession of 29 to 200 grams of cannabis would result in a fine. After that, prison would still be a possibility. B.C. cannabis growing operation first to unionize in Canada Professor develops app that measures the effects of cannabis on a user’s neurocognitive functions Medical cannabis ambulance hits the road in Maine Selling cannabis will still be a crime, meaning peasant farmers in the states of  Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Durango or Michoacán  who make a pittance growing cannabis can still end up in jail. However modest, marijuana legalization would be a symbolic milestone for Mexico, a country immersed in an unforgiving drug war. Modest advances According to  a 2016 study by the Mexican Senate , Mexican cartels made up to $US2 trillion from cannabis sales in the U.S. – between 15% and 26% of their total income. However, as more U.S. states  make cannabis legal  – most recently,  New York  – the drug’s importance to the cartels has  drastically decreased . Yet the criminalization of cannabis keeps Mexico’s penitentiary system bloated.  In 2018 , 37,701 adults and 3,072 teenagers were accused of “narcomenudeo” – low-level drug dealing. Of those indicted on that charge, 60% of adults and 94% of teenagers  were arrested with between 5 and 100 grams of cannabis  – not caught…

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Source : Mexico moves to legalize cannabis use, a modest step toward de-escalating drug war

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