Concerts could be making a comeback this year, but forget about smoking weed

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Ready or not, live music could be set to make its long-awaited return in 2021. Although the COVID-19 debacle put concerts on hold for more than a year, some believe events in the U.S. will start making a comeback in the coming months. Bob Ruox, president of Live Nation’s U.S. concerts, recently told Rolling Stone that “all signs point to 2021 getting back to the summer concert season we all know and love. With vaccines being available to everyone in May,” Ruox said “we’re confident events can return to regular capacity soon after.” To some antsy music lovers, this welcome view sounds like things could be set to return to normal, and everything everyone loves about live shows — camaraderie with strangers, expensive beer and free drugs — could be on the fringe of a resurgence. 10 Types Of Marijuana Perfect For Concerts And Festivals A beginner’s guide to rolling the perfect joint Teen blames ‘passive smoking’ by passenger for positive THC reading during roadside test But not so fast. While Americans will likely get out this summer to feed their sonically deprived ears, caution remains essential. Most immunization-era restrictions are likely to come with limited seating and masks, but there’s also another significant health consideration: Smoking weed with others. Marijuana and concerts have been a thing since the inception of, well, marijuana and concerts. Many people actually had their first experience with weed while watching musicians perform onstage. But times are a-changing, even though Bob Dylan likely never envisioned his lyrics meaning people would have to amend the way pot is used as part of the concert experience. Even with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases, saying people should be able to feel safe being in an audience by “early-to-mid fall,” the…

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