Five-month-old pup falls ill after presumably sniffing out some cannabis remnants

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In yet another incident involving a pooch becoming ill after sniffing out (and eating) some pot, a dog owner in Langley, B.C. is sounding the alarm for weed smokers to take care where they ditch their roaches. What was meant to be an enjoyable walk in Golden Ears Provincial Park last weekend turned out to be anything but for Valerie and Mathew Ryan and their five-month-old pup, Dax, according to the Langley Advance Times . Things were proceeding as usual, but by the time the Ryans reached Half Moon Beach, they noticed that Dax was ill. “We noticed him starting to wobble,” Valerie Ryan told the newspaper, adding that the dog was even having trouble walking and staying on his feet while the Ryans made their way back to their vehicle. Eventually, they carried him to get back sooner. Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist says her dog was left ‘non-responsive and stiff’ the morning after eating a cigarette filter thought to contain weed Simply pawful: Dog poisoned after consuming weed and cocaine Everybody is buying more weed. And dogs are eating it, too Bred to hunt for truffles , it seems the young Lagotto Romagnolo was just following his instincts but may have sniffed out some discarded weed remnants. Dax had been checking out a rocky area just before the Ryans noticed he wasn’t feeling well and even started acting fearful around other dogs on the trail, something that was distinctly out of character. By the time they arrived home, the dog had wet himself and while trying to scratch his head, fell over, Valerie Ryan reports. Noting that it took seven or eight hours before he could again stand up straight, she says, suggesting, “if he had ingested more, it would have lasted way longer, so we got lucky.” The plucky…

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Source : Five-month-old pup falls ill after presumably sniffing out some cannabis remnants

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