Drake, Killer Mike And Other Celebs Demand That Biden Free Marijuana Prisoner

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Drake, Killer Mike and Meek Mill are among a coalition of artists, athletes and lawmakers who are asking President Joe Biden to grant clemency to a rapper facing up to eight years in federal prison over a non-violent marijuana offense. In a letter sent to the president on Wednesday—which was led by Weldon Angelos, who received a pardon for his own marijuana-related conviction from President Donald Trump—the signatories made the case for clemency for Terrell Davis, also known as Ralo, who was arrested for cannabis distribution in 2018. This is just one part of a broader effort by Angelos and other activists to urge the president to grant categorical clemency for people incarcerated over federal marijuana offenses. Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) and advocacy groups made a similar push in letters to Biden that they sent shortly after he assumed office. “I’m confident that President Biden will intervene and end this hypocrisy,” Angelos told Marijuana Moment. “In our communication with White House officials, there seems to be an interest in doing something with regard to marijuana cases specifically.” In the letter to Biden about Ralo, who has already been incarcerated for three years but has not yet been sentenced, the celebrities and other supporters wrote that “our nation’s view of cannabis has evolved, and it is indefensible to incarcerate citizens based on the unduly harsh attitudes of past generations.” The rapper “now faces over 8 years in prison for violating the same federal statute that many entrepreneurs and corporations violate every day in 36 states across the country, who are not subject to federal prosecution,” the letter, first reported by Jackie Bryant for Forbes, states. The coalition went on to cite Biden’s prior comments on the campaign trail supporting decriminalization and expunging prior marijuana records, something he…

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