Good boys. Police K9s Chaos and Dibley stop suspected weed grower from fleeing

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It was chaos literally and figuratively for a suspected illegal cannabis cultivator in the U.K. who tried his luck at outmanoeuvring a police dog when the cops came knocking, but, predictably, failed. This man called the police to report a potential burglary, but got busted for growing cannabis instead Shopping for weed? Maybe check out a grit bin at the local mall Wrong place, wrong time: Pensioner caught with cannabis as police chase another man through his apartment Officers from the Dudley Town Police, along two trusty canines, were dispatched to a suspected cannabis factory at about 8 p.m. on Mar. 30, according to the Express & Star . Once there, police discovered and seized more than 100 cannabis plants, notes a tweet from police . A 29-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of cannabis cultivation after the two West Midlands Police K9s kept the offender “from fleeing out the back,” the police report. The suspect was later released pending investigation. “Another successful drugs warrant in Dudley tonight! Over 100 cannabis plants seized to be destroyed and off our streets,” the tweet notes. There was Twitter love for the dogs — “Well done Chaos and Dibley now for the plants to get destroyed because that stuff stinks,” said one commenter — although another person questioned assumptions about the effect of the bust. “How does this reduce demand? It doesn’t. All it does is push up the local street value and move production elsewhere. TOTALLY POINTLES. The war on drugs failed decades ago yet the folly continues,” noted an unimpressed poster . But the recent raid couldn’t compare to another one in Dudley three weeks earlier, in which officers executing a search warrant found 500-plus weed plants. Characterizing the illegal grow as sophisticated, the police tweeted at the time that the…

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Source : Good boys. Police K9s Chaos and Dibley stop suspected weed grower from fleeing

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