Three-month probe wraps up with super seizure from 'drug superstore' of weed and edibles

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Multiple search warrants executed this past weekend in and around South Fulton, Ga., not far from Atlanta, revealed a “drug superstore” packed with 1,000-plus pounds (454 kilograms) of marijuana and cannabis edibles. The three-month investigation resulting in the warrants was led by the South Fulton Police Department’s (SFPD) narcotics unit, which received assistance from a number of federal, state and municipal drug, alcohol and police agencies, notes an SFPD Facebook post . Charges follow seizure of 2,400 weed plants in central Ontario city ‘Brazen’ illegal weed grow big enough for thousands of plants found on state property Separate shipments lead to the same result: Irish authorities intercept weed from U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K. Targeting three locations that the narcotics unit believed were involved in unlawful drug activity, the SFPD made the record-setting haul of cannabis, weed edibles, 13 guns (one of which had been stolen) and 10 vehicles. It was reported the drug investigation developed out of an initial street racing probe, according to 11Alive . A police spokesperson told the media authorities had to work through the night to process all of the evidence, it reports. In all, 30 people physically went to jail for marijuana trafficking, one person had an outstanding warrant for armed robbery and 31 people received citations for criminal trespassing, likely “shoppers,” all of whom were later released, SFPD reports. Another 33 arrest warrants were executed with additional ones are pending. “It really is a bold step to take this sort of a warehouse and then turn it into a drug operation, certainly unusual from our standpoint,” SFPD Chief Keith Meadow says in the statement. As can be seen by the number of individuals who were detained, “it was well-patronized,” Meadow points out. “They were operating a drug superstore inside of this warehouse,”…

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Source : Three-month probe wraps up with super seizure from 'drug superstore' of weed and edibles

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