Survey results show majority of France in favour of legalising cannabis


The results of a recent parliamentary survey show that the majority of French citizens would support the legalisation of recreational cannabis. France has the highest number of cannabis users in Europe but some of the harshest drug laws, which is why it was no surprise when most of France favoured legalisation. The survey was carried out to discover how the French perceive cannabis and their views on public policies in this area. The results According to RFI, over 250,000 people participated in the survey. Over 80% of those agree that the consumption and production of cannabis should be allowed. 85% said that adults should be allowed to grow pot plants within a proscribed limit. Only 14% of respondents believe it should be legal for adult use, and 5% said the current restrictions need to be stricter. Less than 1% of respondents believe that the legislation should stay as is. Breakdown of results found in the survey: 30% said they had never used cannabis nearly 40% said they used it occasionally less than 20% said they used it regularly almost 15% admitted to using it daily The political stance There are a number of politicians who are for legalisation. LREM MP Caroline Janvier said in a statement, “We now know that the legalisation of cannabis is no longer a taboo in France and that our fellow citizens are observing the ineffectiveness of the current legislation in the matter.” Jean-Baptiste Moreau, the MP for Creuse has said that he thought legalising adult-use could be a possibility. Moreau told Franceinfo: “We really must have a debate to enlighten citizens on this issue. “Today, we have a ban, but we have record levels of consumption. So, the situation is untenable. “Prohibition is not working. It just creates a parallel market. We have a significant…

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Source : Survey results show majority of France in favour of legalising cannabis

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