Illegal cannabis chips apparently destined for California market hospitalize two in Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is investigating the source of cannabis edibles apparently made in California that resulted in the hospitalization of at least two people in Oklahoma over the last week. “Two individuals became ill from eating THC chip products that appear to have been packaged for the California medical marijuana market,” Mark Woodward, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN), notes in a Facebook post . The OBN and the OMMA — whose website is the official site for application submission and information for patients, caregivers, dispensaries, growers, processors and physicians — will jointly explore exactly how the edibles got into the state, the statement reports. Report of weed edibles among child’s Halloween candy leads to take-down of illegal lab in B.C. Health Canada cautions parents: Children are curious and like candy, so keep cannabis edibles out of reach Cannabis leaf prank sends six to hospital “For a child or even an adult, these could easily be mistaken for retail store chips,” Woodward points out. The only differences are the very small THC and what looks somewhat like the California Medical Marijuana logos “on the bottom corners,” he adds. In Oklahoma, state law requires that THC edible products sold in dispensaries be made in the state and be tested to meet state standards. In California, packaging and labeling rules require two separate panels on products, according to Indica Online . The main panel includes details such as the product’s name or identification number, the official state THC symbol and the amount of THC and CBD per serving, measured in milligrams per package; and the informational panel provides such details as the licensed manufacturer’s name and the government warning in bold print. Although no final determination has yet been made, the chips displayed on the OBN…

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Source : Illegal cannabis chips apparently destined for California market hospitalize two in Oklahoma

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