WM Strains Madness 2021: A Flower is Crowned


We came into Weedmaps Strain Madness 2021 with 32 weed strains ready to claim the title for “Best Strain In The Game.” While we hoped there may be variance from last year’s contest, for the second year in a row, the people have spoken, and OG Kush has been crowned as the champion yet again.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Strain Madness 2021 tournament.  Total votes There were more than 180,000 total votes throughout all of the matches. Thank you for the amazing turnout!  Before showering praise on the ultimate champion, let’s a take a look at the total votes for each of the top eight contenders received: OG Kush – 18,577 Pineapple Express – 14,586Gelato – 13,992Purple Haze – 13,527 Sour Diesel – 12,205Blue Dream – 12,105GG4 – 9,353Alien Kush – 9,120 OG Kush crushed it with a total of 18,577 votes over the course of Strain Madness — and it’s not surprising to see Pineapple Express cruising right behind. Disappointed, Alien Kush will have to dry its tears and hope it makes a screaming entrance next year.    If you’re out of weed and wondering what to buy next, consider celebrating OG Kush’s victory this week with a pipe or vape full of the mega-popular winner.  Find OG Kush products on Weedmaps — Hannah Meadows OG Kush’s path to victory  We asked contributor Dante Jordan to revisit each round to see how OG Kush became the 2021 champion.  Round 1: OG Kush vs. Strawberry Cough  From the moment OG Kush stepped onto the figurative strains court, it knew that no one could touch its majesty. First matchup was against Strawberry Cough, in which OG Kush absolutely blasted the fruit-forward sativa out of the water by a score of 4,222 votes to 1,614 votes. OG’s performance was so dominant…

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