High-CBD Cannabis Strains May Protect Against COVID


Lockdowns and social distancing have been the norm for over a year now, and we’ve all had just about enough of the coronavirus pandemic. In the search for an effective treatment against the virus, scientists have turned their attention to cannabis, hoping to find some answers in the plant’s potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. While speculation about the efficacy of cannabis to protect against covid has been rife for some time, a group of researchers has now finally published a study indicating that certain high-CBD cultivars do indeed appear to prevent the virus from entering human cells. Related Post Could Cannabis Be Used To Treat Coronavirus? How Cannabis Stops COVID Since the early days of the pandemic, researchers have been seeking a way to prevent the virus from entering cells. In doing so, they have focussed the majority of their attention on a protein called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, or ACE2, which is found on cell membranes acts as a kind of receptor onto which the virus binds in order gain entry to these cells. In other words, ACE2 is a kind of cellular gateway, through which the coronavirus is able to infect human cells. Worryingly, ACE2 is highly expressed in lung tissue, as well as in the mucous of the oral and nasal cavities – all of which makes the human respiratory system highly susceptible to covid. Fortunately, however, cannabis may offer a solution. Publishing their work in the journal Aging, the study authors describe how they created 800 high-CBD cannabis strains and tested them on models of human tissue that had been infected with covid. Using whole plant extracts, they found that a number of these cultivars caused ACE2 to become downregulated in oral, airway and intestinal tissue[i]. By reducing the expression of ACE2 in the cells of these…

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